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VOICES Resiliency Symposium | Speakers


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Deb Del Vecchio-Scully
Former Clinical Recovery Leader
Newtown Recovery and Resiliency

Deb Del Vecchio-Scully, LPC, NCC, DCMHS is a licensed professional and nationally-certified counselor. She holds American Mental Health Counselors Association (AMHCA) diplomat status as a Clinical Mental Health Specialist in Trauma Counseling. Ms. Del Vecchio-Scully has a Master's from Southern Connecticut State University and was appointed to serve on the American Counseling Association Anti- Bullying/Interpersonal Violence Task Force in 2015.

She is nationally known as a stress and trauma expert, having worked with survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, as well as adults and children impacted by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. Ms. Del Vecchio-Scully previously served as Clinical Recovery Leader and Trauma Specialist of the Newtown Recovery and Resiliency Team. She is currently embedded in the Sandy Hook Elementary School as a staff support clinician.


Ms. Del Vecchio-Scully uses a trauma-informed approach with clients coping with psychological issues utilizing evidenced-based and practice-informed mindfulness, mind-body, and somatic release approaches including Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing (EMDR), Brainspotting, Biofeedback Therapeutic Aromatherapy and the Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).


In addition to her clinical work, Ms. Del Vecchio-Scully is a clinical supervisor and consultant on all aspects of mental health and wellness, trauma, communal mass tragedy, resilience and well-being. She is faculty for the American Counseling Association's Disaster Mental Health Learning Institute, and has presented on various aspects of PTSD, Traumatic grief and loss and communal mass tragedy at mental health and law enforcement conferences.


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Mary Fetchet, LCSW
Founding Director, Voices of September 11th (VOICES)

Mary Fetchet is the driving force behind Voices of September 11th (VOICES), an organization she co-founded in 2001 following the death of her 24 year old son Brad at the World Trade Center. Her unique background as a mother of a victim, along with 20 years of expertise as a clinical social worker, shaped VOICES creation of a new paradigm in providing long-term support services.

Using social work practices, she guided the development of programs that provide continuity of care and promote resiliency in the lives of victims' families and survivors. As a family member, she was instrumental in campaigning for the creation of the 9/11 Commission and the implementation of reforms based on their recommendations. Under her leadership, VOICES also created the Living Memorial project, an online digital archive of 70,000 photos and personal keepsakes, which is also a core component of the In Memoriam exhibit at the 9/11 Memorial & Museum in New York City.


Today, Ms. Fetchet is dedicated to establishing VOICES Center of Excellence for Community Resilience to help communities heal after other acts of mass violence or natural disasters. An expert on the long-term needs of victims and survivors, mental health care, preparedness, and national security reforms, she has made hundreds of appearances on national television and at conferences in the U.S. and abroad, and contributes regularly to print and radio.


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David Grand, PhD
Founder and Developer
Brainspotting Method

David Grand, PhD is the founder and developer of the groundbreaking brain-body based Brainspotting method. Through his Brainspotting Trainings, Inc he has trained over 10,000 therapists internationally and has developed 30 trainers worldwide.

Dr. Grand is the author of the acclaimed book, Brainspotting: The Revolutionary New Therapy for Rapid and Effective Chance and the Co-author of This is Your Brain on Sports. Dr. Grand is in demand as a lecturer on a variety of topics. He is very involved in humanitarian activities supporting survivors of 9/11, Katrina and Sandy Hook/Newtown. Dr. Grand is the playwright of I Witness, a 9/11 play and the producer/director of Come Hell or High Water, a Katrina documentary.


He has accomplished breakthroughs in performance and creativity with his Brainspotting Sports Work and Brainspotting Acting and Singing Coaching. Dr. Grand has been widely featured in the media including The NY Times, NBC National News, The Discovery Channel, CNN, MSNBC, Sports Illustrated and Sirius Radio. Dr. Grand still finds time for a full-time private psychotherapy and performance practice in Manhattan, NY.


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Lori A. Harris, MSW, LSW
Program Director
Voices of September 11th

Ms. Harris joined VOICES as Program Director in the New Brunswick, NJ office in October 2015. VOICES New Jersey office works collaboratively with the New Canaan office to provide case management services for 9/11 families, survivors, and first responders. In addition to ongoing direct support of those impacted by 9/11, Ms. Harris focuses on building collaborative relationships in New Jersey and expanding social service outreach and educational programs.

Ms. Harris holds a Master's degree in Clinical Social Work from Fordham University. Her clinical experience includes victim advocacy and outreach, substance abuse recovery, and community mental health. She has received advanced training and certifications in the areas of trauma/PTSD, disaster response crisis counseling, grief, sexual assault victim advocacy, and family systems theory. She has an extensive background in social services and not-for-profit management, most notably working in the very early days of the 9/11 response as the first staff member of The September 11th Fund (The Fund). The Fund was created by the New York Community Trust and the United Way of New York City and operated until 2004. The Fund collected $534 million from more than two million donors and distributed a total of 559 grants totaling $528 million. Grants from The Fund provided cash assistance, counseling and other services to the families of those killed in the 9/11 attacks and included the injured and those displaced from their homes or jobs.


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Helaina Hovitz
Editor and Journalist

Helaina Hovitz is a native New Yorker, editor and journalist who has written for Glamour, Salon, New York Times, New York Observer, VICE, Huffington Post, Forbes, Newsday, Bustle, Teen Vogue, Thrillist, Brooklyn Magazine, Avenue Magazine, Reader's Digest, Women's Health and many other publications.

She is also Editorial Director and Co-Founder of Headlines for the Hopeful, a digital news service with a focus on social good and impact that focuses on stories of people and organizations working to make the world a better place by coming up with unique solutions to some of the world's most pressing social issues. She is the author of After 9/11: One Girls Journey Through Darkness to a New Beginning, which chronicles her life as a child surviving and living in the aftermath of 9/11 and coming of age with misdiagnosed Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and ultimately finding recovery.


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William Keegan
Retired PAPD Lieutenant, Special Ops
Founder/President HEART 9/11

Bill Keegan is a highly decorated Lieutenant in the Special Operations Division (S.O.D.) and a 20-year veteran of the Port Authority Police Department. Lieutenant Keegan responded to the WTC attacks on September 11th and was named Night Operations Commander of the WTC Rescue/Recovery Teams, where he supervised over 500 police responders over the nine-month recovery mission.

Bill provided leadership to this diverse team of highly motivated and trained workers and for 9 months was responsible for the respectful and safe recovery of human remains, personal effects and evidence and for providing support and information for family members who had lost a loved one on 9/11. Once the recovery mission concluded, Bill witnessed the men and women in his charge showing signs of breaking down emotionally and the team dividing after months of being so cohesive. Lt. Keegan searched for a program designed for his police officers that would not only help them survive their horrific experiences but would ultimately allow them to grow, heal, and become stronger than they were before. Dr. Spencer Eth, HEART 9/11 Board member, entered into a collaboration with Bill which led to a program designed specifically for police officers and one which transitioned the PAPD officers at the conclusion of their duties at the WTC to their lives after. This program was soon expanded to the spouses and significant family members.


In 2007, Bill founded HEART 9/11 (Healing Emergency Aid Response Team) – a non-profit disaster response organization comprised of police, fire, union construction workers, 9/11 surviving families and those who share the belief that we can help ourselves by helping others. As HEART 9/11's president, Bill has led his expert volunteers on 28 deployments to rebuild lives both domestically and internationally in communities such as New Orleans, Haiti, in NY and NJ in response to Hurricanes Irene and Sandy and in Oklahoma City when HEART 9/11 responded to the EF5 Tornado.


HEART 9/11 works with first responders on site, dealing with the incident at hand, but also by helping first responders assess their emotional state and needs. Using the hard-earned lessons from the World Trade Center rescue/recovery mission, HEART 9/11 members are able to connect with first responders and guide them through coping with disasters and trauma.


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Peter Lamoureux
Director of Programs, Operation Warrior Wellness
David Lynch Foundation, New York City

Peter Lamoureux is the lead TM instructor at David Lynch Foundation. Peter has taught TM to thousands of people over 40 years. Mr. Lamoureux has been working with David Lynch Foundation teaching veterans with PTSD and is the Director of Programs for Operation Warrior Wellness. Peter is a non combat veteran of the US Army and US Army Reserves, MOS 71Q20 Information Specialist (journalist / photographer).

In addition, Mr. Lamoureux is the President and principal owner of Everest Asset Management, Inc. Everest sponsors the Everest Fund, L.P., an investment fund that has been in continuous operation 30 years. He has both securities and commodities licenses.


Mr. Lamoureux has a BS in Education and formerly held a certificate to teach in secondary education.


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Stephanie Landau
Project Director
Voices of September 11th

Stephanie joined VOICES in 2007 and is currently the Project Manager and Outreach Coordinator for the CDC World Trade Center Health Program. In her role she coordinates our outreach program and assists responders and survivors in applying for medical and mental health treatment.

For almost a decade, Stephanie has worked on a variety of projects with the 9/11 community of families, responders and survivors, providing case management services, conducting 9/11 Living Memorial workshops and planning the September 10 Annual Information Forum and other special events.


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Sheila Martello
Founding Director
Stephy's Place

Sheila Martello is the Founding Director of Stephy's Place, and the mother of three sons. She resides in Rumson, NJ with her boyfriend and her three boys, James, Thomas & Nicholas. On September 11, 2001 she lost her husband Jim Martello in the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Inspired by those who guided her through her grief and pain, she started Stephy's Place in September of 2015.

Stephy's Place is a support center for grief and loss located in Red Bank, New Jersey. The center's impact is noticeable to the many she and her staff have already helped. She continues to be an advocate for healing and giving back.


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J. Barry Mascari, Ed.D., LPC, LCADC
Associate Professor Counselor Education
Kean University

Dr. J. Barry Mascari is Chair of the Counselor Education Department at Kean University in Union, NJ and is a New Jersey LPC and LCADC and is a NJ certified Disaster Response Crisis Counselor. Mascari has over 30 years of counseling-related experience in schools and outpatient treatment.

He was a member and Chair of the NJ counselor licensing board for 10 years and a former President of the American Association of State Counseling Boards (AASCB), NJ Counseling Association, and NJ Mental Health Counselors Association. He was among the founders of the New Jersey Council on Divorce and Family Mediation, co-authoring one of the seminal works in family mediation. He has appeared on radio and television, including the Sally Show and Soap Talk, as well as 48 Hours on Crack Street and Straight Talk, and a WNET special Teens in Turmoil and numerous other publications and presentations too many to name. He received his Ed.D. from Argosy University-Sarasota, Florida in Counseling Education and Supervision, and an M.S. in Counseling from the University of Bridgeport. More information can be found at:


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Jennifer L. Perry, Psy.D.

Jennifer L. Perry, Psy.D. received her doctoral degree in clinical psychology from Rutgers University in 2005. She completed a post-doctoral fellowship specializing in working with children, adolescents, and parents who experienced traumatic events.

Dr. Perry currently works at Rowan University's Counseling and Psychological Services, focusing on college students who have a history of trauma and are engaging in high-risk behaviors. She is the liaison to the university's Department of Public Safety and Emergency Medical Services. Dr. Perry has served on the national and state boards of Concerns of Police Survivors, a support organization for families and co-workers of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. She has worked as a counselor at their programs for survivors since 2003 and has extensive clinical experience working with first responders and their families. Dr. Perry is also the daughter of a Port Authority Police officer killed in the line of duty.


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Iris Udasin, M.D. Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine
Medical Director, EOHSI Clinical Center
Clinical Research and Occupational Medicine Division
EOHSI, Rutgers - Robert Wood Johnson Medical School

Iris Udasin currently serves as a Professor of Environmental and Occupational Medicine and Medical Director of the EOHSI Clinical Center within the Clinical Research and Occupational Medicine Division.

This Division is within the Environmental and Occupational Health Science Institute of the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School. Her chief area of interest is the health effects of World Trade Center exposures, including both the aerodigestive medical effects as well as the interaction of both physical and mental health effects and exposure to toxins. She is also interested in health issues in health care workers, laboratory workers, teachers, police officers, and fire fighters. In addition, Dr. Udasin has examined occupational and environmental asthma and other respiratory conditions.


Dr. Udasin serves as Principal Investigator and steering committee member of the World Trade Center Medical Monitoring and Treatment Program. Her other research highlights include influenza vaccine decisions and the effect of training to prevent workplace violence.


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Priyanka Upadhyaya Psy.D
Clinical psychologist/Clinical instructor
World Trade Center Environmental Health Center - Bellevue Hospital

Dr. Priyanka Upadhyaya is a clinical psychologist at the World trade center environmental health center at Bellevue hospital which is one of three clinical centers of excellence dedicated to the integrated assessment and treatment of individuals who were present in the New York city disaster area.

Dr. Upadhyaya provides individual, group psychotherapy, mentors and supervises social workers and doctoral psychology students. She presents on various aspects of trauma informed care at case conferences and seminars, conducts community outreach workshops and in house staff training and education workshops. Dr. Upadhyaya is also part of initiatives to transmit health messages across the survivor and responder population through social media and online newsletters and participates in department wide research initiatives. Her interests and areas of expertise include evidenced based treatment of trauma, mindfulness and meditation, reducing barriers to mental healthcare, post traumatic growth and resilience.


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Dr. Jane Webber
Lecturer in the Counselor Education Department
Kean University

Dr. Jane Webber is a Lecturer in the Counselor Education Department at Kean University, Union, NJ and a NJ Licensed Professional Counselor. She is also a NJ certified Disaster Response Crisis Counselor. Dr. Webber was a member of the American Counseling Associaton Task Force for Crisis Response Planning and served on the Advisory Committee for Emergency Preparedness for the 2009 CACREP Standards.

She has written numerous articles and chapters, and co-authored the chapter Healing Trauma Through Humanistic Connection, in the award-winning book Humanistic Perspectives on Contemporary Counseling Issues. She co-edited the ACA Foundation publication, Terrorism, Trauma, and Tragedies: A Counselor's Guide to Preparing and Responding from its beginning after 9/11, and a soon to be published Journal of Counseling & Development (JCD) article analyzing the publication (or lack) of articles on trauma and disaster in counseling journals. She is Guest Editor of the JCD Special Section on Traumatology.


Dr. Webber has served as Chair of the ACA Foundation, North Atlantic Region, International Committee, Human Rights Committee, Public Awareness and Support Committee, and President of the NJ Counseling Association. Jane is frequently interviewed on disaster and trauma issues, including National Public Radio and Counseling Today Online. She received the Ph.D. from Seton Hall University, the M.Ed. from The Pennsylvania State University, and the BA from Manhattanville College.


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