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Month in Review


Video Premiere of "Voices" on August 28th

Please join us Monday August 28th at the New Canaan Public Library, 1515 Main Street , in the Lamb Room as the NCHS Summer Interns, through the generous sponsorship of the New Canaan Community Foundation present their short video ”VOICES of… Sandy Hook.9/11. Aurora. Columbine. Jerusalem.” They will share their summer long research and discovery with the stories of those who have been effected by a variety of acts of mass violence throughout the world and how they cope and build resilience for themselves and their communities . Light refreshments will be served . More.


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia

Quality sleep is essential to wellness, especially for those coping with physical and/or psychological conditions. Sleep disturbance is common among those living with trauma, grief, and medical conditions, and is prevalent in the 9/11 Community. Insomnia may lead to increased distress and exacerbate coexisting conditions, such as depression, anxiety, PTSD, alcohol dependence, or hypnotic medication dependence.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is considered a first-line intervention for primary insomnia by the National Institute of Health, with recent research supporting its effectiveness. More.


International Symposium on Victims of Terrorism

This year's Conference will focus on all victims of crime but it will also consider emerging trends in victims' rights, needs and responses internationally. In particular, the Conference will consider the needs and responses for victims of terrorism, hate crime, online crime and historical abuse.

The Victim Support Europe Conference will offer you the opportunity to network and learn from people working with victims of crime from around the world. You will forge new connections and reignite old ones, which will facilitate the sharing of information and best practice once you return home from the conference. More.


Voices Center of Excellence for Community Resilience: Promoting Resiliency in Communities Impacted by Trauma

The Symposium was held on Thursday, April 20, 2017, at the Kean University STEM Building, 1075 Morris Avenue, Union, NJ. Registration begins at 8:30 am. The program began at 9:00 am and concluded at 4:00 pm.

A special program with subject matter experts in the field of "Promoting Resiliency in Communities Impacted by Trauma" taught concrete skills and shared research-based information on this important topic. More.


Facebook Live on Monday, March 6

Dr. Priyanka Upadhyaya of the World Trade Center Survivor Clinic at Bellevue and VOICES Founding Director Mary Fetchet LCSW will discuss the symptoms and treatment available through the WTC Health Program for those who lived, worked, or went to school in Lower Manhattan on or after 9/11. More.


Program for Sept. 11 survivors, first responders offers ‘peace of mind’

For two weeks following the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Rod Khattabi could often be seen at Ground Zero digging through the rubble. In the hours after the attacks, Khattabi was a first responder, working around the clock in dangerous conditions.

The former U.S. Customs and Border Protection Special Agent, who is a director of the Safety and Justice Initiative at Grace Farms, remembers returning to his Norwalk home on the morning of Sept. 12. More.


Jon Stewart to Host Facebook Live Viewing Event in Honor of 9/11 Health and Compensation Reauthorization Act

On December 18, 2015, Congress approved the extension of the Zadroga 9/11 Health and Compensation Act, which provides compensation and medical and mental health treatment to first responders and survivors of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. One year later, there are still thousands of people who qualify for the benefits but have not yet signed up.

At 11:00 am EST on Sunday, December 18, 2016, comedian Jon Stewart will host a Facebook Live event from the 9/11 Museum in New York City to help raise awareness and encourage those who may qualify to begin the process of receiving benefits, including those who survived that day and those who bravely and generously worked in the recovery efforts. More.

Towers of Power: These 9/11 Vets Responded to Terror by Giving Back

When the World Trade Center site remained a search-and-rescue operation rather than a lost cause, I interviewed Craig Garber, a paramedic from Dedham, Mass., while reporting on the many volunteers who rushed to New York to help. As I remember it, Craig was tall, grimey-faced and wearing a yellow hard hat and no respirator. Craig was taking a break from four straight days on "the pile," as the rescuers called Ground Zero.

I got out a few questions when, without warning, a spasm of grief shook me and I started to uncontrollably sob—not exactly a professional moment in my career, but an honest one. Craig, a guy I'd known for about two minutes, paternally wrapped his arms around me and basically gave me a "there, there" until I regained my composure. More.

CDC Awards VOICES Contract to Assist 9/11 Survivors in Accessing Health Care

VOICES of September 11th (VOICES) was awarded a contract from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) to promote awareness about the World Trade Center Health Program. The Program provides treatment for medical and mental health conditions experienced by those who were in the NYC disaster area in the days and months following the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

Under the contract, VOICES will focus their outreach efforts on survivors. This group includes anyone - workers, residents, children, or visitors -who were present in the New York City disaster area on or after 9/11. The disaster area encompasses Lower Manhattan south of Houston Street and the northwest corner of Brooklyn. More.

An Inspired Approach to Grief (New Canaan/Darien Magazine September 2016)

This month, Americans will turn the pages on their calendars and find themselves at the fifteenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. For Mary Fetchet, the commemoration will be about more than the day her 24-year-old son, Brad, died in the Twin Towers.

On the day the World Trade Center fell, Mary was a clinical social worker employed in Milford, Connecticut. She had attended a conference where the mother of an Oklahoma City victim spoke about her personal loss and the aftermath of the 1995 terrorist attack on the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building there. More.


VOICES Provides Support Services

VOICES Staff Provides Support Services Including: Assessments, Support Groups, Referrals, Commemorative Events, Workshops.

More >

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