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National PTSD Awareness Day

As you may know, June 27 is designated as National PTSD Awareness Day, to inform the general public about post-traumatic stress disorder. Recognizing that many of our members are interested in learning more about PTSD, we are taking this opportunity to share information about the symptoms, but also the good news that treatment is available!

According to the National Institute of Mental Health Report, PTSD is an anxiety disorder resulting from witnessing or living through a dangerous event. This includes war veterans and survivors of serious events, including disasters, accidents and physical and sexual assault or abuse. Symptoms of PTSD can be grouped into three categories: re-experiencing symptoms such as flashbacks, bad dreams or frightening thoughts; avoidance symptoms such as staying away from places, events and objects that are reminders of the experience, as well as, hyperarousal symptoms such as being easily startled, feeling tense or having difficulty sleeping.

Since PTSD is often a diagnosis for those who experienced 9/11, we also want to take this opportunity to remind you about our work with the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) to inform responders and survivors about the services available through the World Trade Center Health Program. The program includes medical and mental health services for responders and volunteers who helped with the rescue, recovery and clean-up at the WTC and related sites in NYC. It also provides services for survivors who lived, worked or attended school in the NYC disaster area.

Click here for more information about PTSD from the National Institute of Mental Health.

Click here for information about the WTC Health Program.

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